Mohsen Saghafy Khorasany
Address:               12 Shahid Mojtahedi Alley
West Nosrat St.
Towhid Sq.
Phone:                  +982166919068
Web site:              www.mohsensaghafy.com
Personal Data:     Place of birth: Iran, Tehran
Date of birth: 26 Nov. 1981
E-mail:                 mohsensaghafy@gmail.com
Part I. A Study on the Literary, Artistic, Social and Political Effects on the Emerging of School of Impressionism in 19th. Century France
Part II. The Study and Analysis of Music of Impressionism Reviewing The Masterpiece Works of "Claude Achill Debussy"
Job Experience:  
2009 up to 2016                      Music critic and member of board of writers of Monthly music journal "Music Report".
2009-2010                                Art Critic of “Iran Art Review” website of Review of Iranian contemporary art and Artists.
2009 up to Now                        Piano Instructor at “Arasbaran Cultural Center”.
2014-2015                                Art Critic of “Tandis” magazine
2015                                         Art Critic of “HonarAgah” Monthly Contemporary Art Magazine
Other Professional Activities:
2013 up to now                         Latin and Contemporary Dancer and Teacher
2007 up to Now                        New Media Artist, Journalist and Photographer
2006-2007                                Administrative manager and editor of a student magazine "Atash"(meaning in English "Fire") specialized in arts at Faculty of Arts and Architecture of Islamic Azad University of Iran                                                   
Performance Participation:
2013                                         Concert with Pia Palme – Geometry of Water\ Project Umball (Austrian Residency, Tehran)-Pianist-Composer
2012                                        Concert with Pia Palme and Susane Kirchmayer in OKF (Austrian Cultural Forum, Tehran)-Pianist-Composer
2011                                        Concert with Pia Palme in OKF (Austrian Cultural Forum, Tehran)-Pianist-Composer
2004                                        Performing concert at the 5th Music Festival of University Students and achieving the Award and Victory Stele for the excellent conducting of Azad University Orchestra, held at Tehran University-Faculty of Fine Arts
2003                                       Participating the Research Concert of Contemporary Composers as composer and pianist at Faculty of Art and Architecture of Azad University, Tehran
2002                                       Performing a Research Concert at The Cultural Office of Embassy of Austria, Tehran
2000-01                                  - Participating as Tar player in the Orchestra of Contemporary Music Research Centre of Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran University, performed at Avini Hall at Faculty of Fine Arts Tehran University and (Arasbaran) Cultural Centre. Participating recording Alireza Mashayekhis works released in CD, published by Hermes Music Publication
2001                                      Participating as Tar player in Modern Iranian Music Orchestra conducted by Alireza Mashayekhi at Vahdat Music Hall at 17th Fadjr Music Festival, Tehran
1999-2000                             Participating as a member of the chorus singers at Pars Symphonic Chorus Orchestra at Vahdat Music Hall at 15th and 16th Fadjr Music Festival, Tehran
Solo Exhibition:
2016                                      “Every thing has a Price”, Performance Art, 5th Tehran Performance Art Festival, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran
2012                                      Déjà vu, A sound installation, The audio surround system installed in eight cells, Qasr political prison, Qasr Museum, Tehran, Iran, 2012
2011                                      Jamarah is my wish (Stoning at Devil is my wish) Interactive-Sound-Installation, Mohsen gallery, Tehran
2009                                       Performance “The Fall of Command”, Varamin Desert
2005                                      Holding an individual photography exhibition entitled "So Was Arg" (Bam Arg(Castel)  destruction after the earthquake happened in 2003) at Faculty of Art and Architecture, Azad University, Tehran
Group Exhibition:
2017                                        An Installation in “Human is the Difficulty of Duty (1) – Ability of Loving and to be Loved” Group Multimedia Exhibition, Curated by Farshid Parsikia – Dena Gallery, Tehran – Cyan Gallery, Isfahan
2016                                       “I have Mustache, So you Are”, Performance Art, Mustache Group Exhibition, Dena Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2016                                        Mustache, Curator and Performance Artist, Group exhibition, Dena Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2010                                        Sounctus- Installation, Participation in New Art group exhibition “Water Silence” about Cactus, Henna gallery, Tehran
2010                                        Participation in Performance group exhibition “Performance Box”, Mohsen gallery, Tehran
2008                                        Lascaux, Performance and Concert at the Symposium of "The Role of Performance in Modern Arts "(Installation, Sound Installation and Performance) at Ebne-Sina Cultural Centre, Tehran
Research and Executive Activities:
2016                                        Performing and recording the Sixtet; “POOHAR”, by Lugano Ensemble, Conducted by Mohammad Shelechi, Tehran Contemporary Music Festival, Roudaki Hall
2012                                       Concert and Residency at Wien / AACAM (Austrian Association of Contemporary Art and Music) - “Modus Punctus”/ Piano Trio Nr.2
2011                                       Lecturer and Master of Debussy’s “Syrinx” analysis workshop, Fine Arts Paradise of Tehran University
2010                                       The academic secretary and  moderator of the 5th Symposium of  “Survey the Works of Iranian Contemporary Composers” (Peyman Yazdanian, Azad Hakim rabbet, Mani Jafarzade), Faculty of Art and Architecture of Islamic Azad University, Central Branch, Tehran
2010                                       Performing and recording the String Quartet no.2 by: “Carpe Dien Quartet” in Saintpetersburg
2009                                       The academic secretary and moderator of the 4th Symposium of “Survey the Works of Iranian Contemporary Composers” (Kiawasch Saheb Nasagh, Hooshyar Khayyam, Mohammad Reza Tafazzoli), Faculty of Art and Architecture of Islamic Azad University, Central Branch, Tehran
2009                                       The moderator of the 3th Symposium of “Survey the Works of Iranian Contemporary Composers” (Ahmad Pejman), Faculty of Art and Architecture of Islamic Azad University, Central Branch, Tehran
2009                                       The manager of the 2th Symposium of “Survey the Works of Iranian Contemporary Composers” (Reza Vali), Faculty of Art and Architecture of Islamic Azad University, Central Branch, Tehran
Published Articles and works:
2011                                       Performing the String Quartet no.1, by the OKF Quartet
2010                                       The publication of “A Performance and analysis of String Quartet no.2, by the “Carpe Dien Quartet”, Saintpetersburg
2010                                       The Analysis of “Clair de Lune” by:C.A.Debussy, Music Report, issue number 31-32, July and August 2010
2009                                       The Analysis of “Syrinx” by:C.A.Debussy, Music Report, issue number 20-21, March and April 2009
2009                                       The publication of over 10 articles of criticism on contemporary Arts in “Iran Art Review” Website
2008 up to Now                     The publication of over 50 articles of criticism on concerts and CDs in “Music Report”
1999                                        The Publication of “Children and Fine Arts” focusing on “The Variables of Child Music” in “Bikaran” Monthly Magazine
2017                                        Appropriation and Copy in Contemporary Arts”, Rooberoo Mansion, Tehran, Iran
2017                                        “Body and expression in Performance Art”, Rooberoo Mansion, Tehran, Iran
2011                                        Syrinx Analysis Workshop, Tehran Flute Seminar, Tehran University
2018                                        Talks and Presentation on Music Compositions, Cite International des Arts, Paris, France
2018                                        Talks and Presentation on visual Arts, Cite International des Arts, Paris, France
2017                                        Talks about ”Imagined Boundries”, Multimedia solo Exhibition by Raheleh Filsoofi, “Abad Art Gallery” - Tehran
2017                                        Talks about “Ability of Loving and to be Loved”, Dena Gallery – Tehran
2017                                        Introduce and explain about “Everything has a Price” (Performance) ,Rooberoo Mansion, Tehran, Iran
2018                                       Cite International des Arts, Paris, France
2012                                       AACAM, Halbturn-Wien, Austria
2018 up to now                      Member of Organizing board, scientific board, policy council and critic of “Guillemet critical circle”: www.guillemetcircle.com
2018 up to now                      Member of Cite International des Arts, Paris, France
2015 up to Now                      Member of Stablishing and directors Board of “Iranian Visual Arts Critics Association”
2010 – 2017                             Member of Boards of directors of “Association of                                                                         Composers and Conductors” of “Iran House Of Music”
2002 up to Now                      PermanentMember of Iran House Of Music (“Association of Composers and Conductoers” and “Association of Instructors”)
2006 up to Now                       Permanent Member of “Association of Independent Journalists & Reporters of Tehran”
Unpublished Researches:
Accomplishing some research on electronic music and composing various electronic music pieces
Accomplishing some research on some schools of music  
                                               such as Baroque, Classic, Romantic, Impressionism,
                                               20th Century and Far East (China, and Japan)
Research about Electronic Music and composing different music pieces
Research about Music Schools
“A Research at C.A.Debussy’s method of composing (BOOK)
Dramatic Composition:
2016                                       Composing the music for the short film of “Black Reflection” Directed by Soudabeh Kamrani
2009                                      Composing the music for the play "Siziev Playing with the Girl Who Loved Lifting Her Stone" directed by Arash Tanhaii
2005                                      Composing the music for the short film of "Childlike" directed by Iman Safaii and Bahman Riazi-Far
Sound Designing for some videos art